Man arrested for trying to race an undercover cop.

It’s easy, just pull up to a red light with a buddy wait for the green. Street racing is not a joke. It is a crime and can have serious repercussions if you get caught. That being said people do it all the time. That’s what happened to one Floridian.

Connor Proleika who is a 20 years old from Clearwater Florida lined up with another driver and tried to initiate a race. It is reported that he revved his engine look at the other driver and smiled. He tried to bait the other driver into racing him.

Little did Proleika know that the other driver was an undercover Clearwater police officer. Police said that the undercover cop denied the race so Proleika sped off. The undercover cop tailed Connor and stated that he was reaching speeds over 120mph. Revolutionizing Tire Buying

The Clearwater Police Facebook Page states,

What he didn’t know at the time was that the other driver was a Clearwater police officer, a member of the traffic enforcement team, driving in an unmarked vehicle,” the post on the police department Facebook page says.

The undercover cop pulled him over. Proleika told the officer,

I had no idea you were a cop. I would never have tried to race you if I knew you were a cop. I really screwed up, man.

Proleika was charged with violation of probation, racing on a highway. In addition it turns out that he had just gotten released from jail recently.

Source: WFLA

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