Guy gets distracted by a girl on the sidewalk and wrecks his motorcycle.

Every driver has been distracted at some point in time.  Whether it’s a text message or watching a wreck on the side of the road, as long as we don’t make it a habit there’s no harm no foul.

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If you get too distracted to pay attention to driving you may get yourself into a heap of trouble. One rider found out the hard way after getting distracted by someone on the sidewalk.

He was driving his bike when he decided to take a left turn. On the sidewalk he spied who he thought was the woman of his dreams. The woman was paying him no mind. If the rider hadn’t of made this next costly error she might have never noticed him.

Star struck he turns the corner and plows directly into a BMW E46. He falls the the ground but quickly rises to his feet yelling profanities. Unfortunately for him he not only damaged his bike and the BMW but he probably took a big blow to his pride. The Youtuber Jerome Bernard shared the video below.

Luckily no one appeared to be injured. Whether it’s good or bad he finally got the attention from the girl(s) he was eyeing.

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