Leah Pruett walks away from unbelievable crash in St. Louis

Anytime you are racing a vehicle there are always risks involved. Things come up and parts break. This is why you have to make sure you can trust the people who work on your vehicle. You have to be certain that they are going to do the job right. Otherwise forgetting one small part of the entire car can turn deadly.

In addition the faster the vehicle the easier it is for things to become fatal quick. Top fuel dragsters are easily one of the most dangerous racing sports. The dragsters, which are typically powered by huge engines, can reach speeds of more than 300mph in seconds.

Leah Pruett who is known for being a professional drag racer had a near death crash. Lucky for her she was able to walk away. While it’s is not known exactly what happened, in the video you can see that the front of the dragster broke and folded under itself.

The vehicle quickly goes airborne before the parachute is pulled. This helps slow the speed of the dragster and keep it somewhat steady as it flips through the air. It falls to the ground as pieces fly off.

Thankfully the top fuel dragster stops on its own. We are glad Leah Pruett made it out of this wicked crash! Have you ever seen a crazy crash like this? Let us know in the comments below!


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