Honda confirms and 17th death linked to the Takata airbag recall

In 2011 there was a recall for vehicles made with the Takata brand airbag. Due to certain manufacturing errors in the event of a crash the airbag can cause injury or death. The airbag becomes more or less a claymore firing off shrapnel at the driver and other occupants.

Honda and Ford were the two car brands that were affected by this recall. Recently a man in a 2003 Honda Civic lost his life due to the airbag defect. Auto makers have sent out multiple letters in the mail trying to contact owners about the recall. Although with cars being sold used it’s hard to track every car down.

Unfortunately for this man the car had not been repaired and this is what caused the fatal accident. In 2014 the passenger side airbag was also recalled. If you own one of the affected vehicles it may be wise to get your vehicle checked out.

Have you owned one of these recalled vehicles? Did you get it repaired? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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