Kid takes his dad’s GTR street racing and wins $13000

You can make a good amount of money street racing. Depending on how fast your car is and what you’re up against you can make more than most make in a year. That’s not to say that street racing doesn’t have its drawbacks.

You can definitley get yourself into some trouble racing on public roads. Although some see the win and cash worth the risk. A 17-year old kid took his dad’s modded Nissan GTR racing.

He sets up a race with a 911 Turbo Porsche. Needless to say there is a decent amount of power in this race. Stock for stock the GTR can have close to 600hp while the Porsche is at 540hp. The GTR in the video has some bolt-ons. It isn’t quite sure what’s done to the Porsche.

Some prep work is done on the road. Then they line up and are given the light. Both the cars shoot off and race down the road. It looks as though the GTR stayed in front the entire race.

In the end the Porsche owner had to hand over $13,000. What’s the most you’ve raced for? Let us know in the comments below.

Found on TurbonStance

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