Is the Bugatti Chiron Sport really that fast?

The Bugatti Chiron Sport is one of the fastest hypercars on the planet. It has a quad-Turbo 8.0-liter W16 making 1,479 hp. In comparison the Aventador SV Roadster only has 750hp.

In the video below we catch a Supercar Owners Circle event in Switzerland. There we see millions of dollars of super and hyper cars. Most of the cars line up on an air strip and take turns running down the road.

A Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, Chiron sport and an Aventador are only a few of the cars that showed up. On one run the Chiron Sport and the Lamborghini line up. both shoot off like rockets. Although the Chiron is in a league all its own. It gaps the Aventador like it wasn’t even moving.

Out of all the cars in the video below which one would you like to own? Let us know in the comments below.

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