Lime Scooters In Australia have been hacked to say rude comments.

If you live in a major city chances are that you’ve seen the public scooters that can be rented. They are usually sitting on the sidewalk. Well some Lime Scooters In Australia have been hacked. They usually tell their riders voice messages.

Someone decided to change to messages to something inappropriate. Some of the recordings said, “Don’t take me around, because I don’t like to be ridden,” while others said “Okay, but if you’re going to ride my ass, then please pull my hair, okay.” Others had racist messages. The sounds would usually play when starting or ending a ride.

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Source: 7News

A lime public affairs manager said, “It’s not smart, it’s not funny and is akin to changing a ringtone. It’s disappointing that someone has taken this opportunity to poke fun at members of the community in a hurtful way.”
Hackers were recording over the set ringtones and leaving their messages.

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