Jeep tumbles down the Black Bear Pass in Colorado

Navigating rough terrain with an off-road vehicle can be difficult at times. When you add altitude to the mix the risk gets even higher. One woman is lucky to be alive after a terrible Jeep accident.

Two friends were taking a ride up Black Bear Pass in Colorado. The male driver gets out of the vehicle at one point to asses how to get past a certain obstacle in their path. The story goes he presses the emergency brake from outside the vehicle and continues to asses the road.

Before he could get back in the vehicle the Jeep tipped over launching him toward some rocks. Inside the vehicle was his 23 year old female friend, Lily and two dogs. The Jeep tumbled down the slope and the three occupants were ejected on the 2nd of 6 switchbacks.

The video below shows as the Jeep tumbles down the mountain. At this point on video the occupants had already been ejected. Witnesses helped Lily as best they could until the paramedics arrived. They ended up air lifting her to the nearest hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

While the road ahead might be long we hope that Lily can make a full recovery. If you would like to donate to Lily’s GoFundMe you can do so here.

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