Russian sets his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S on fire

A while back we shared a story about a guy dropping his Mercedes from a helicopter. The Youtuber was constantly having problems with the car and decided to just destroy it.

Now we are back with another Russian man destroying his Mercedes AMG GT 63 S. While it’s not entirely known why the youtuber destroyed his car at the end of the video he pretty much said that he is done. The description reads,

I thought for a long time what to do with my Shark after the conflict with Mercedes … In my opinion, the idea is FIRE! That’s all … The end … They * I’m not happy …

He drives his Mercedes out in the middle of a field and revs the engine. The owner then gets out and opens the trunk. Inside we find multiple full gasoline canisters. He douses the car with fuel then walks away and ignites the fire.

We watch as this $160,000 car is set ablaze. While this is a way to get a strong message out to Mercedes maybe there were some less costly alternatives. He gets in an old ZAZ 968m and begins to drive away.

Although he couldn’t get the car started so they have to push him. While it seems like it might be a publicity stunt it definitely caught some views. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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