Jeep owner gets sued for $15M after an oil change turned deadly.

We all have regular maintenance done on our cars. From tire rotations to oil changes these are quite common procedures. What isn’t common is dropping your car off for an oil change and finding out that you are being sued for $15M.

One Jeep owner is currently in litigation with a technician’s family. This is all due to an accident that happen when the Jeep was brought in for service. The owner of the Jeep handed the keys over to the dealership for a routine oil change.

The technician who was a teenager did not have a license to drive. He also did not know how to drive a manual vehicle. While pulling into the shop the car lurched forward and hit another technician killing the 42-year-old man.

Because of the way the law works in Michigan the owner of the vehicle is responsible for anything that happens with the vehicle. The dealership while being negligent by allowing an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle is not at fault.

This means that the owner of the Jeep which was probably going for a $30 oil change is now being sued for damages. The owner is now suing the dealership for indemnity. This suit is to cover the money that the owner is being said for. It’s not sure how everything will turn out. It is a reminder that you should read the fine print before dropping your vehicle off for service.

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