Two speed bumps go viral for launching cars

Speed bumps or speed humps are used to decrease the speed of vehicles traveling. The bumps in the road usually cause drivers to slow down which keeps cars from speeding down the road. In theory, they work well.

They don’t always slow traffic down. Some drivers ignore the speed bumps and jump the speed bumps which causes them to scrape the ground. This can mess up your suspension and damage other parts. Nonetheless, if you don’t slow down the speed bumps can do more harm than good.

A couple of speed bumps were placed close together on a California street. They have been around since 1997 so you would think that people would have been used to them now. Although, this isn’t the case. A homeowner nearby records the cars are they drive over the speed bumps.

They created a TikTok called “Speed Bump Olympics.” where they record the vehicles catching air. Most times the cars bump around a little. While others catch aie and shoot out sparks as their cars scrape the ground.


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