What does whip mean for a car?

Ghost ride the whip. You’ve probably heard this phrase but you may not know what it means. It’s not as common as it used to be but you can still hear it from time to time. Whip when talking about cars can actually mean a couple of things. Just like most slang the definition changes and evolves

What does whip mean for a car?

Whip is an alternative name for a car. On the other hand whipping a car means whipping the steering wheel and driving erratically. It had some history connected with horses and buggies. It was also used in the Hyphy movement based out of Oakland, CA.

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What does it mean if you whip a car?

When you whip a car you are whipping the steering wheel. In other words, you are moving the steering wheel quickly which is caused the car to make quick movements. When someone tells you to whip it they could be telling you to do donuts, swerve around or drive fast.

What does whip mean when referring to a car?

The word whip is a term some people use for a car. Instead of saying “car” they may say that the drove the “whip.”

What does whip it in a car mean?

Whipping it in a car means that you make aggressive movements in your car. You could speed off, pull the handbrake, or drive your car erratically.

What model car is called whip?

Any car can be considered a whip. A lot of hip-hop artists refer to Mercedes Benz vehicles as a whip. Although, the term can be applied by anybody to any type of car.

Is whip slang for car?

Yes, “whip” is slang for a car. While it isn’t as common to hear as it was in the 90s the term is still relevant. Most people will know what you are saying when you use the word “whip.”

Which car did they call a whip it?

As cars became more common the word “whip” eventually progressed to talk about the whole car. The whip use to refer to the steering wheel. As the term grew more popular the meaning changed.

Where did calling a car a whip come from?

Calling car a whip came from the horse and buggy. The whip or reigns is what you used to point the horses in the right direction. When automobiles were created the steering wheel was sometimes referred to as the “whip,” This is because this steering wheel guided the vehicle just like reigns did for a carrige.

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