Jebediah drifts his Amish buggy

Drifting a car takes a decent amount of skill. If you end up taking a corner too quickly you could end up driving off the road. With the right car and a good setup and anyone can start drifting. If it’s a 350z, 240sx, or even an Amish buggy you can drift in all kinds of vehicles.

A video surfaced online of an Amish man, we’ll call Jebediah, drifting in his buggy. While a man was driving down the road recording he spotted a buggy coming off of a side road. As the horse pulled the buggy it drifted across the road causing the wheels to spark.

While the buggy only had one horsepower it seemed to perform a drift pretty well. The horse-drawn carriage managed to stay on the road and it drove off. It’s apparent that this isn’t the first time Jebediah has drifted. It seems like he knows what he’s doing.

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