What does a car with a spanner mean on a Vauxhall Astra

Having a light pop up on your car’s dash can be scary. That is especially true when you’re not sure what it means. Does it mean that your car is going to stop working? Or is it something simple like having your fog lights on?

What does a car with a spanner mean on a Vauxhall Astra? This spanner light, which is often confused with a check engine light, means that your vehicle requires service. In most cases, your car is due for an oil change.

What is this spanner light on my dash?

The spanner or wrench light on your dash signifies that your car needs an oil change. Most manufacturers place this notification in cars so that you will hopefully get regular service on your car. The light itself is normally tied to how many miles you drive.

When you get an oil change the technician is supposed to reset the light. This makes sure that you get the reminder for the next oil change. Luckily the wrench light isn’t anything bad. Your car just requires maintenance.

It’s good to get your car serviced when the spanner light comes on because putting it off can cause excessive wear on your engine. Regular car maintenance will help you get the most miles and value out of your vehicle.

What are some other warning lights on your dash?

Check engine light

A check engine light is a light that you want to pay attention to. It could be triggered by something as simple as a loose gas cap. On the other hand, it can be something serious like an engine knock or transmission issue.

In most cases, a solid check engine light means that the car’s computer has detected an issue in the system. It could be a sensor or maybe your car needs a tune-up. Either way, you should get the codes run to see what the problem is.

Places like Autozone will use their code reader device to figure out what check engine light you have. With that, you can purchase the right parts and have the car repaired at your mechanic’s shop.

If you have a blinking check engine light then this is a cause for concern. A blinking check engine light means that something has gone terribly wrong. Whatever is causing the issue could harm your engine or other parts of your vehicle. In this case, it’s best to pull over in a safe spot and call a tow truck.

Driving your car after you get a check engine light isn’t smart because you could cause irreversible damage. Let’s recap, a solid check engine light is something you should get looked at. While it’s not a major issue it can still affect your driveability. On the other hand blinking check engine lights are not a good sign. To prevent your car from getting more damaged you should pull over and call a tow truck.

Tire pressure warning light

Another common warning light that you can see on a Vauxhall Astra is a Tire pressure monitoring light. This TPMS light lets you know that one or more of your tires has low air pressure. It doesn’t take much for this light to be illuminated.

For instance, if one of your tires is off by 2 or more pounds of pressure then the light can be activated. If you are entering winter or entering summer then it’s common for this light to come on. When the temperature changes so do the pressure in the tires.

By using a digital tire gauge you can measure how much air is in your tires and determine which one is low. If your tire is completely flat odds are you need to swap out the tire for your spare. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a tow truck to transport your car.

Most gas stations have compressed air to fill your tire. Just figure out what tire pressure the manufacturer suggests. This number can be found on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door. You should see a number followed by “PSI.” This is where your tires should be filled too. After your tires are all the same pressure the TPMS light should go away.

Lane departure warning light

If you own a newer car then you may have a Lane departure light. This warning light is there to let you know that they are leaving your lane. By letting you know that you’re moving out of your lane you can correct your driving and avoid getting into an accident.

If you have an upgraded version of a Vauxhall Astra you may have this light on your dash. Your driving can improve when you recognize the placement of your vehicle on the road. As you learn to stay in the lines you will become more aware and in turn, become a more defensive driver.

It won’t be long before all cars have this feature. Although, for the time being only new cars have this lane departure warning light.

Oil Pressure warning light

An oil pressure light is a warning you should pay attention to. Oil is the fluid that runs through your engine. It lubricates the engine’s internals. This in turn reduces wear and helps dissipate heat. If you don’t have enough oil in your engine you could lessen the lifespan of your car.

Regularly checking your oil is a good way to avoid seeing a low oil light. Although, in some circumstances, you may lose oil very quickly. This will activate the low oil pressure light. At that point, you should pull over to the side of the road.

You’ll probably want to call a tow truck and have them transport your car. Operating a vehicle with little to no oil can destroy your engine. The internal parts will wear against each other until your engine is completely seized.

If you see your oil pressure light you probably want to check your oil. Going to your local auto parts store to purchase some oil might help get rid of the light. That is until you can figure out why your car is losing oil. If you have this low oil level light come you should act quickly so your car doesn’t get damaged.

Battery warning light

Last but not least is a battery light. This battery light, unlike the symbol, actually refers to the charging system. This system includes the alternator, battery, and most things electrical. When your battery light turns on it is a sign that your alternator is bad. If your alternator is not providing power while your car is running your battery will get drained and it will die.

Your battery provides power to start your vehicle. It also provides a little power to keep the car running,. Although, the majority of the power your car gets when it’s running is from the alternator. If the alternator is seized or is not producing enough power then your battery light will illuminate.

By getting your battery and your charging system checked by a shop you can find out if any of the components are bad. After the broken pieces are replaced your battery light should go away.

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