What does it mean when your car says not equipped with Uconnect?

Do you own a Dodge vehicle? Maybe you’ve tried to connect your phone through Uconnect but you’ve been unsuccessful. Many Dodge owners have had this message pop up on their screens. This can be rather confusing especially if you see a Uconnect button.

What does it mean when your car says not equipped with Uconnect? This means that your vehicle did not come with Uconnect from the factory. While some Dodges have the Uconnect button it doesn’t exactly mean that your vehicle has the Uconnect system. You can have the hands-free option but not Uconnect.

Do all Dodges have Uconnect?

Not all Dodges come quipped with the Uconnect feature. This is an added feature. In addition, there is a monthly fee to use this service. Currently, the price is $14.99 a month but this may change as time goes on.

If you haven’t bought your car yet you’ll want to speak to your dealer to see if Uconnect is an option you can add to your car. There will be an added fee on top of the car’s price. On the other hand, if you purchase a used Dodge you can work with the salesman to see if the car you are looking at already has the feature.

If I have a Uconnect button does that mean my car has Uconnect?

In the name of saving money Jeep, Dodge and Ram include similar parts in their vehicles. This includes buttons on the steering wheel which display “Uconnect.” This means that a higher-end trim might use the same part as a lower end trim.

For the higher-end trims, there might be added parts that work with the extra steering wheel buttons. While the lower-end model will have buttons that won’t do anything. If you have ever looked at your dash and seen blank buttons these are there to work with upgraded features. If you don’t opt for the features they just leave them blank.

This saves money because they only have to design a certain part one time. They leave it open for customization so if you pay for an upgraded feature they can just add it to the existing part rather than making a new part from scratch.

Why do some vehicles have a hands free button if there us no Uconnect?

It’s cheaper to create one part and give it the ability to customize later. This means that Dodge will include hands-free in your vehicle but it won’t come with Uconnect. That is unless you pay for the feature.

Each upgraded feature that the manufacturer adds to the car increase the price. This is why if you choose the basic trim you won’t see every feature which is available.

In closing.

If you see the error message, “Not Equipped With UConnect’ message will display on the radio screen. then that means the feature isn’t available in your vehicle. While you may have the hands-free feature your car did not come with Uconnect.

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  1. While you may have the hands-free feature your car did not come with Uconnect. ok i understand that but all i want is to connect my phone to have the hands free how to do that

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