Is this every car lover’s dream house?

Gearheads love their cars. You might be into supercars where others might be into big-block Chevys. No matter what tickles your fancy having the car of your dreams can help make your life worthwhile. You may be asking, can it get any better? Oh yes, it can.

With this car enthusiast mansion, you have everything you could ever want out of a car guy’s dream house. First, there is the shop. It’s equipped with car lifts, a paint application booth, and a tire changer. If you work on your own cars this house is perfect for you.

Work on your car in a climate-controlled shop with slip-resistant floors. Make a call from the attached office to order yourself a slew of supercars. Are you planning on storing your cars in the shop? Why not just store them in your separate 10 car garage. There is plenty of room for your Lambos and Bentleys.

The entire complex is decorated in automotive decor. From gas signs to a Chevy truck wet bar, this complex has it all. Enjoy some shade on a hot day with all of the seating areas. At night you can enjoy roasting some weiners while you take a dip in your tiered pool.

For the main house, there are 5 bedrooms to accommodate all of your guests. Head over to the Chevy truck wet bar for a drink. When you need to take a leak you can do so in the motorcycle-themed bathroom. There are plenty of spacious indoor and outdoor areas to entertain.

This is a house that most car guys can only dream of. It’s 7,914 square feet of gear head paradise. If you’re looking to buy the house of your dreams you can take this house off the market for $7,999,000. Interested? Check out the listing on

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