Have you ever wanted a mood ring paint job?

Have you ever wanted a mood ring paint job? If you remember back in the 90s the mood ring was all the rage. You had to have one to stick in with the popular kids. The ring itself actually has a pretty simple construction. Although when you wear one as a kid it seems like wizardry.

How mood rings work

In short, the mood rings have small crystals that are highly sensitive to temperature change. As the heat increases the crystals start to change colors. DipYourCar.com is known for having some crazy paint jobs. They use plastidip to temporarily change the color of cars.

dipyourcar black plastidip

Plus if you install the plastidip correctly the dip can stay in good shape on the car for years. Well, DipYourCar is back at it again with making some wicked colors. They have had some colors that change from black to red. There are also other variations available although nothing is quite like their new creation.

You see most of their color-changing paints require a bigger change in temperature. While the mood ring paint which is scientifically called Thermochromic Liquid can change colors with as little as a 4-degree change in temperature.

dipyourcar mood ring plastidip

The process

The team received some special paint from a local manufacturer. The paint is more or less like what is on the mood ring. They decided to try the paint on their Audi. After basing the car in a removable black plastdip base they went to work.

They completely covered the car let it dry. With just the touch of a hand, the color completely changes. You can easily see where the handprint was. By removing their hand and allowing it to cool the color slowly returns to normal.

The team at DipYourCar then drives the car out in front of their warehouse. As the car moves it encounters different temperatures which drastically changes the paint. The car looks futuristic as the paint changes colors in real-time.

dipyourcar mood ring plastidip

After they get it in the sun you can see that the car is completely different from where they started. Some areas take a little longer to change color. We assume this may be due to weld or support areas taking a little longer to heat up.

Although after everything becomes a pretty uniform temperature the car takes on a really clean look. While this was just a test the team suspects that for a long-term solution you might need to seal the paint somehow.

dipyourcar mood ring plastidip

Have you ever wanted a mood ring paint job? Now you can! Head over to DipYourCar.com and check out all of the crazy colors they have!

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