Is AmazonBasics oil any good?

One of the most important components of any engine is the oil. Without oil your engine can fail. If your engine goes too long without oil the internal parts will start to wear until the motor seizes. You may be wondering if AmazonBasics oil is any good.

Amazon Basics Reasonable price, Highest SAE rating, Quick Shipping with Prime

AmazonBasics Oil Rating

American Petroleum Institute (API) created different ratings for motor oil. Based on the oils quality and how it holds up it receives different ratings. Back in the day there weren’t really any standards on oil. People usually just put in whatever motor oil they could find.

As vehicles have improved and become more sophisticated oil ratings became more important. A higher rated oil can increase the lifespan of an engine. For instance, lower quality oil breaks down quickly and doesn’t provide optimal lubrication.

Buying oil at a gas station might be problematic if there is no SAE rating. Oils with an SAE rating have been tested. They have to meet a certain quality before they are given the stamp of approval. If you were to buy a quart of oil at the gas station it may not lubricate your engine as well.

On the other hand, if you were to go to an auto parts store you could find a large selection of SAE rated oils. How does Amazon’s oil stack up? At the time of making this article, the oil ratings go from SJ to SL to SM to SN to SN Plus. SN Plus is currently the best rating based on the API.

Mobil 1 is a well-known oil brand. They have most of their oils in the SN rating. Some of their higher-rated oils meet SN Plus status. That means that if you use oil from Mobil 1 and check the rating on the back you can tell what quality of oil you’re adding to your engine.

AmazonBasics oil has a SN Plus rating. That means the oil that Amazon sells is top of the line. In comparison to other oils its meets or exceeds their quality.

Amazon outsources its oil manufacturing to Warren Distribution. Warren has been in the oil industry since 1922. They are also known for making the oil for brands like Kirkland and SuperTech.

AmazonBasics oil


AmazonBasics oil has very competitive pricing. You could buy a 5 quart of Valvoline for a little under $20 USD. You can get AmazonBasics oil a few cents cheaper plus free shipping with Prime. If you are considering buying Amazon’s oil the pricing is very reasonable.


Is AmazonBasics oil any good? Yes it is! It provides superior lubrication of your engine’s internal parts. It is also reasonably priced. You can even use your Amazon Prime account to get free shipping.

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