Civic owner wagers $5000 that he can beat a built Supra

Toyota Supras are know for being fast. They are one of the most sought after cars which was made popular by the Fast and Furious franchise. In addition from the factory the engines could handle a lot of power.

That being said people like to win races against Supras. If you beat one with a lesser known car you can get some street cred. Well the owner of a turbo civic bet $5000 that he could beat a built Supra.

They both heat up their tires and line up. It seems like the Supra gave the Civic a car length before the race begins. They are given the green light and they speed off. The civic flies out of the gate. It seems like the Supra might have given him an extra second head start.

Although this head start isn’t enough for the Civic to keep the lead, The Supra quickly catches up and passes the Honda. Unfortunately for the Civic it ended up being an expensive race. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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