How to get the weed smell out of your car

The only solution to not having weed smell in your car is not to smoke it. However, some circumstances, like living with someone who doesn’t approve of smoking cannabis, may leave your car the only place to take a hit.

Visiting friends or family, most of who disapprove of smoking weed can also leave you with the only option of retreating to the car for a session. It is important to note, however, that smoking when driving is dangerous. Smoking weed while driving is not only illegal but threatening to your life.

The smell of weed, like tobacco, can penetrate everything in your car and leave it with a stale smell. However, there are a few tricks to help you get rid of the smell if you face this menace.

What makes the smell linger?
Most people who smoke weed in the car want to keep others away from the smoke by giving the windows up. This makes the smoke permeate the surface of the fabric like carpeting and upholstery. By seeping into the crevice and crack, it leaves an odor on everything.

How to Get the Weed Smell Out of Your Car
1.    Scented oils/essential oils

Essential oils are well known for their lovely scent hence their popularity in yoga studios. The best way to use these oils to get rid of the weed smell in your car is by using a car diffuser.  A diffuser is designed to diffuse your scented oils mixed with water and leave your car smelling fresh all day.

2.    Air fresheners

There is always a classic freshener to tackle your problem with weed or any other order in your car. Whether it is a Febreze dispenser or some little trees you can pick up from your local carwash, they are an excellent solution to removing the weed smell from your car. 
 To use these products for your car to eliminate weed smell, plug into the heating vent or A/C and your good to go. 

3.    Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has a remarkable ability to absorb odors, and users of Smokebuddy can easily relate to this fact. Activated charcoal can therefore be used to eliminate weed odor. In most cases, the bulk of the weed odor in cars is absorbed by the seats. 

Sprinkle some amount of activated charcoal on your cushions and seats to remove the odor. Leave it for some time to absorb the smell. Activated charcoal can absorb smells relatively quickly but the time you leave it to absorb ideally depends on the amount you use.

After the time lapses, vacuum the charcoal, which also helps remove the weed smell.  The use of activated charcoal, however, is not advised on light-coloured or white upholstery. 

4.    Use of  Baking Soda

Not many people are familiar with the effectiveness of baking soda in the removal of nasty odors. This ability is attributed to its chemistry; baking soda is alkaline, meaning it neutralizes strong and acidic odors. If our car smells like marijuana, you might want to try this trick.
Sprinkle your baking soda on the car seats and mats and allow it to sit for about 24 hours. This trick works like the activated charcoal one; only it doesn’t mess with your white upholstery. Vacuum the baking soda after 24 hours to remove the weed odor. 

5.    Ozium

Ozium is specially designed to eliminate airborne bacteria or smells from smoke hence its heavy-duty nature. Ozium attaches itself to airborne particles that bring foul odor with its micron-sized particles, especially those from smoke.
Ozium is a more effective way than fresheners to eliminate weed odor in your car. Its application is easy as it comes in the forms of gel and spray. Spray Ozium in your entire car or truck and apply the gel on the most affected areas.

6.    Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are another plausible way to eliminate weed odor in your car. They are considered excellent with removing odors caused by second-hand smoke.
However, before settling for this option, it is important to note that ozone generators are considered health-hazardous on the ground level. The EPA classifies ozone generators as pollutants. When using one, ensure to be out of your car as it runs, and ensure you allow your car to ventilate thoroughly after use before driving it again. 

7.    Deep Cleaning Your Car

One of the best ways to eliminate the cannabis smell from your car is to give it an excellent entire cleaning session. Marijuana is technically gas and can attach itself to different areas within your car interior hence the smell clinging. 
Consider a full cleaning detail that may include wet vacuuming the whole interior of your car using the appropriate cleaners. If your vehicle has a deep weed smell, consider this process not only to eliminate it but to leave your car tidy and fresh. 

8.    Pet odor removers

Pet odor removers are used to remove unwanted odor for our beloved pets at home to improve their confidence. You can, however, improvise and use them to eliminate the weed smell from your car. Pet odor removers come in powder form and are known to work wonders with sucking out cannabis smell.
Sprinkle the powder to your car seats and mats and vacuum a day later. Ensure to have your car well cleaned as they may contain toxic compounds.

9.    Consider vaping
Vape your weed! The use of vaporizers is better for your health compared to inhaling combusted smoke from a joint. They are also a great option as they don’t leave any cannabis odor traces in the car.
There are numerous vaporizers out in the market, and you should consider this option if you regularly smoke in the car.

10.    8. Avoid the Smell in the First Place
You will never have to deal with the weed smell in your car if you don’t transport or smoke in it in the first place.
Driving to the pick of your weed may not leave you with many options, but you can consider purchase tightly sealed concentrates, vapes, or edibles. Place your purchase in airtight jars or bags on your trip back home.
Alternatively, consider using a marijuana supplier that offers delivery services.

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