What is the best car seat for a 1 year old

Whether you’re on tour, driving home from work, or with your child at home, having your kid on a cozy convertible car seat can give them the safety and comfort they need and dispel your fears. With the variety of convertible car seats in the market today, choosing the perfect car seat for your 1-year old is indispensable. So, what is the best car seat for a 1-year old? In this article, we will examine the best car seats for your child in 2021, so you can make an informed decision best to meet your child’s safety and comfort needs while in your car.

But What Defines a Convertible Car Seat? A convertible car seat is one designed for use by kids of different sizes. The car seat is adjustable from rear-facing to a forward-facing seat. For school-aged kids, convertible seats can change into booster seats.

Why Would You Need a Convertible Car Seat for Your 1-Year Old?
If you had a car and parked it at your home and didn’t mind having a convertible car seat that could easily be moved in and out of your car, then having a convertible car seat would be necessary. Similarly, you’d consider having a convertible seat if you didn’t want to upgrade your car seat during your first year of parenting.
More importantly, if you were driving to a town far away from home with your kid, you’d want your delicate child not to get burnt out at the end of the journey. In that case, it would be inevitable to acquire a convertible car seat to give your baby the comfort they would need throughout the journey.

Features of a Good Convertible Car Seat for a 1-Year Old
How easily you can install: An ideal convertible car seat is easy to fix in your car. You can fit most of them using the LATCH system or the usual seat belt.
Safety Guarantee: Before buying a convertible car seat, you should ensure that the seat is safe for your kid. The safety indicators that the seats come with assure that safety. In addition, the indicators confirm that the convertible seat is correctly installed.
Weight limits of rear-facing: A good car seat should have higher rear-facing weight limits. The high limit allows a chance to rear-face as long as it can be. It is also arguably safer for babies to ride in rear-facing than in forward-facing.

Size of the seat: A convertible car seat of an ideal shape and size can fit in your car perfectly. Although some seats are narrow and others wide, you should choose seats that can match the size and shape of your car.
Extra safety: Apart from having safety indicators, a car seat that guarantees more protection through padding, shock absorption, and high-quality material is a go-to seat. 
Material: Car seats made of durable fabric are ideal to go for. Furthermore, the nature of the material should match your preference and style. The fabric should also be easy to clean whenever it gets dirty.
Whether second-hand or new: It is advisable to go for a brand new car seat instead of a used seat. A used car seat may already be damaged and won’t last long. It may also not guarantee modern safety requirements. If you must acquire a used car seat, get it from a trustworthy person, and be sure to follow transaction regulations on cleaning and maintenance provisions. Checking the seat’s expiry date is necessary as well.

Here is the best car seat for a 1-year old in 2021:

Boulevard ClickTight ARB Convertible Car Seat

Safety is a critical consideration before acquiring a convertible car seat for your child, and Boulevard guarantees precisely that. You can confidently travel sure that your child is safe and secure in the seat. In addition, the seat reduces the force of a crash. There is also the proper fitting of the seat into your car, courtesy of a sound seat installation system.

Features and benefits of Boulevard ClickTight ARB Convertible Car Seat
The seat weighs 29.4lb, an ideal weight for easy carriage
ClickTight dimensions are 23” D X 18.5” X 23.5” H
For forward-facing, the seat safely accommodates children of up to 65lb
ClickTight supports kids up to 49″ tall
The seat is uniquely made with high-class components to ensure utmost safety and security.
It seats infants of up to 40lb safely for rear-facing
It has a thorough system of installation that ensures the correct fitting of the seat
The seat has a quick-adjust head shield and a deep shell lined with foam to protect your kid from side impacts
ClickTight has a safety seatbelt that you buckle effortlessly. All you need to do is open the seat front, put the seatbelt through the shown path, fasten it, and secure the rope after clicking the seat shut
The seat’s ARB (Anti-Rebound Bar) keeps the car seat stable by reducing forces related to crashes
Boulevard ClickTight comes with two solid layers of side energy absorption
The seat comes with a novel safety system: Safecell Impact Protection, which features a V-shaped tether to reduce seat rotation, a base to absorb energy, and a steel frame. In addition, the seat has staged-release stitches which minimize and slow forward motion    when a crash occurs
At the push of a button, you can adjust the seat’s height, alleviating the need for bothersome rethreading
The ClickTight’s easy-adjust gear glows along with your kid with fourteen varied positions
It is stylish and is made of an attractive and durable fabric
It comes with one year warranty, guaranteeing you a significant service
Boulevard ClickTight is TSA(Transportation Security Administration) approved

Final Thoughts
The Boulevard ClickTight ARB Convertible Car Seat is worth it, from easy installation and safety guarantee to the stylish look and durable material. It is a high-class car seat that can best meet your kid’s needs when you are traveling. Additionally, the seat is affordable to meet your budget requirements, and therefore, it is a good choice of a convertible seat for your consideration.

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