A driver shows his skills during an attempted armored truck robbery

While we see them in movies all of the time armored truck robberies aren’t all that common. It’s not the easiest to break into one of the heavily armored vehicles. With bulletproof glass and bulletproof body panels, the trucks are made to withstand a barrage of bullets.

Lucky for an armored truck driver and his passenger that the truck did its job while they were being fired upon. At 10:25 in the morning, the truck which was transporting cash was attacked in Pretoria, South Africa. It seems like a normal routine. That is until you hear gunshots.

The bulletproof glass does its job stopping the bullets. Although the impacts it made decreased the driver’s view. The driver whose name is Prinsloo actually has some significant training which allowed him to navigate the sticky situation.

What the robbers didn’t know was that Prinsloo was a former South African Police Service’s Special Task Force member. He had training involving similar situations. It’s likely that he had some vehicle maneuverability training seeing as he whipped the armored 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser without flipping it.

The two occupants are followed by the robbers as they continue to attack the vehicle. Prinsloo’s passenger first pulled out his pistol but swapped over to the AR-15. They weren’t sure if they were going to get into a firefight so they got prepared.

The two managed to avoid their pursuers but the Toyota Land Cruiser ended up getting stuck. Instead of sitting in the car scared Prinsloo grabs the AR-15 and steps out of the vehicle. Lucky for them they were able to make it home that day.

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