How to get into drag racing.

Do you have the need for speed? Maybe your are wondering how to get into drag racing. It is easier than you think. By having the right equipment and right plan you can speed your roadster down the strip. Making the best quarter mile times and getting your E/Ts down.

The Car

The first step is to get yourself a car. Can you use what you already have? Yes! Although if you do race your daily driver and don’t have a backup it might leave you stranded. It’s always better to have another car just in case you break your race car.

Any car can run down the strip. Rear wheel drive (RWD), all wheel drive (AWD), and front wheel drive (FWD) are the types of vehicles you can choose from. RWD is by far the simplest. There are less parts to break than AWD and you don’t have the traction issues that come with FWD. RWD is the number one pick by drag racers.

It best to get a car with a good amount of engine displacement or forced induction. If you have some money set aside to build the car you can start modifying some of the parts to increase the power. Another thing to think about are the tires. Good tires are always needed when running down the strip. You want tires with the right traction so you can put the power down.

If you are looking for tires you can try TireRack. They are the top tire seller online. They offer quick shipping, they’ll link you with preferred shops to install the tires plus they also provide great customer service. Check them out and try to find some street radials or slicks to put on your race car. These tires provide more traction compared to regular street tires. Revolutionizing Tire Buying Revolutionizing Tire Buying


Number one is always safety. You have to make sure that you have the right safety equipment so you can keep yourself and others out of harm’s way. Things like making sure you braking system is in shape. You don’t want to be speeding down the strip just to find out you blew a brake line. Stopping is a big part of drag racing.

Things like battery disconnect switches, fire extinguishers, and upgraded seat belts or harnesses are something to look for. Depending on how fast you car is running you may want to invest in a roll cage. The roll cage is a type of steel tubing that is installed in the car. It prevents the car from collapsing in the event of a crash. Revolutionizing Tire Buying Revolutionizing Tire Buying


Going to the track can be exciting. Although nothing is worse then ending up with a broken car and having to tow it home early. This is why it’s good practice to bring tools with you so if you car breaks down you can repair it while you’re there. Things like jack stands, jacks, air compressor, air gauges, and an assortment of hand tools can come in handy!

How to get into drag racing? There really isn’t that much. Just follow the rules, be kind and respectful and you too can become avid drag racer.

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