Florida woman has a mental breakdown after a car was blocking her on the crosswalk

Usually when there is a crosswalk you are supposed to stop before the line. Although people seldom follow this rule but typically it’s not that big of an issue. Well a woman in Florida was infuriated after being blocked.

She starts by screaming at a Volkswagen SUV. “Get out of the crosswalk” she yells. She then beats on the car window and kicks the SUV. It seems as though the driver tried to get out of the car to calm her down when the deranged woman yanks the car door then begins slamming it.

After the woman has had enough the flips the bird and walks around the vehicle to the sidewalk. She then throws a tantrum and screams. Needless to say she might’ve overreacted. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Leave us a comment below!


Karening in the crosswalk. (ig: zine_hfl)

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