How to fix car parts with JB weld kwik instead of buying new ones

Do you work on your own car? From time to time you are going to find yourself with some broken parts. This guide will show you how to fix car parts with JB weld. If you need a replacement part you could end up paying hundreds of dollars.

JB Weld Kwik
  • Repair broken car parts
  • Cures quick
  • Creates a strong bond

On the other hand some parts are repairable with some ingenuity. By using an adhesive like JB Weld Kwik you can repair parts that have cracked or have broken off. The adhesive itself is very strong and sets within minutes.

How to use

If you are trying to repair a part with JB Weld Kwik and the piece is usually under high pressure you may want to allow the adhesive to cure for 12 hours. This will give the JB weld ample time to create a strong bond.

You can get some JB weld here. When you get it make sure there is hardener included. For the 2 step adhesive to work you need to combing the JB weld and a hardener. Rule of thumb is to have a 1:1 ratio of hardener to kwik. After you’ve mixed the two together you have a short amount of time to apply it.

jb weld kwik

If you are trying to fix a hose or a fitting it might be a good idea to shove something in the hole to help conform to the shape. After it has cured you should be able to remove the inner piece and get your car back up and running.

In closing

How to fix car parts with JB weld? By using JB weld kwik or any of their specialty adhesives you should be able to fix some parts that have broken. Whether you squeezed some vice grips too hard or over tightened a bolt you should be able to use the kwik to quickly repair it.

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