How to make a diy sand blaster or soda blaster

Sanding down anything can be a pain. If you are working with just sandpaper it can take forever. We show you how to make a diy sand blaster or soda blaster. A sand blaster more or less sprays sand using compressed air. The small particles easily tear away at rust and paint.

Getting a complete setup to start sandblasting can be expensive. Although if you work for money your investment will quickly pay for itself. Not only can you sandblast car parts but you can sandblast guns and pretty much everything.

If you have a few things around the house like and air compressor and a soda bottle you can start making your own diy sand blaster. These are the items that most can find around the house.

Sprite or any soda bottle
  • You can use any 24oz used pop bottle you have laying around the house
Drill Bit Set
  • You can use a drill set you have laying around the house
Cordless drill
  • A standard corded or cordless drill should work fine
Compressed air blow gun
  • A standard compressed air blow gun can be used. Make sure the barrel is long enough to reach through a pop bottle
File set
  • A file with a small enough size should be adequate
Air compressor
  • Depending on the size of your air compressor your spray time will vary. A larger compressor will let you spray longer.

With most houses having this stuff you can make your own diy sand blaster.

Step 1.

The first step is to file down the barrel of the blow gun. You want to make sure that the opening is large enough to allow the sand to enter the chamber. Slowly file down until there is an openenig to the sand can flow through.

Step 2.

The next step is to drill a hole in the top of your pop bottle. Find the drill bit that matches the blow gun barrel. Try to make it as snug as possible for the best results. After you have drilled straight through you can fill the bottle with sand.

Step 3.

Slide the barrel through the hole you drilled in the pop bottle. Connect your blow gun and your air compressor. Hold the bottle upside down while the hole in the barrel is facing up. When you squeeze the trigger the air will push through and take some sand along with it.

With this diy sand blaster or soda blaster you can remove paint and rust from most surfaces. Using baking soda instead for a finer and softer abrasive. You could buy an expensive sandblaster set. Although if you are working on a budget this is a fun project you can have at home.

Did you make the diy sand blaster? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Check out the video below for a visual guide on making a diy soda blaster.

Credit: Roman

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