How long does it take to put new tires on a car?

The tires are a critical component of the car, and they need care and regular service to function properly. Regular tire maintenance takes many forms, including changing old tires to achieve functionality. Before replacing your tire, you can check other issues such as proper rotation, air pressure, patching pinholes, and excessive tread wear.

In some instances, you do not have to replace the tire but fix these issues first, and it could help if you consulted tire specialists. Although you might stay at the mechanic’s shop for a while, they ensure you get the best service that prevents constant visits. So, how long does it take to put new tires on a car? Professional tire-swapping can take about 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of car and tires.

How Long Does It Take To Put Tires On A Car?

Since it takes about 10 minutes to fix one tire on the car, you might have to schedule enough time for professional tire replacement. Unless you choose to have the tires fixed separately, you can have two tires fixed simultaneously.

Why You Should Put New Tires?

Do not be the driver that does not take their time to service their vehicle. Having tires in good shape is cost-effective for your car errands as you will not have any disruptions that arise due to faulty tires. It is easy to have the tires fixed when you go for other maintenance such as oil change and tune-up. If the tires are maintained, it cuts down on repairs and future problems. However, putting on new tires regularly can prevent your car from breaking down unexpectedly, leading to unforeseen costs. When putting on new tires, your technician will ensure that the new tires are properly inflated and are more efficient in reducing your gas usage, leading to less frequent stops and decreasing instances of flat tires. You can get tire rotations, which extends the tires’ life and reduces the cost and time you use to fix the tires.

Why Does It Take Long For Mechanics To Put New Tires On?

If you are going for a complete four-tire change at your mechanic’s shop, you might spend about 20- 45 minutes. There might be a vast disparity among the mechanics due to the workload of the service and the staff in their shop. However, if your car is the first on the line at the mechanic’s office, you might not wait for an extended time, but you can wait for more if you are last on the line.

Other limitations prevent the timely fixing of the tires. The store might not have had the exact tires as those installed in the vehicle, and they would have to order from retailers, which adds the waiting time.

The Installation Procedure

The installation procedure includes mounting the tire, balancing the wheel, and using new valve stems. Here is a step-by-step procedure for putting a new tire on the car.

·         Step 1; mounting

The mechanic drives the car to the bay and places it on a llift.

·      Step 2; loosening the tire

The technician will loosen the tires on each wheel. Next, the mechanic will remove all the wheels from the car.

·         Step 3; unscrewing of the valve system

The technician will remove the valve system cores, and it will release the air from the tires

·         Step 4; removal of the wheel weights

Your technician will remove the wheel weights, install new valve stems, and start mounting the new tires onto the wheel. However, the mechanic will have to inflate all the tires first using the correct air pressure. After inflation, the mechanic will put each wheel into the wheel balancing machine, which aligns and balances all the wheels for a smooth drive.

·         Step 5; installation of the wheels

After the alignment and balance are achieved, it is time to put the new tires on your car using the impact wrench and torque wrench. Next, your car gets lowered to the ground. The torque wrench is then used to ensure that the wheels are properly tightened.

·         Step 6; visual inspection

 Once done with the mounting, the mechanic can practice routine inspection to ensure everything is okay. The mechanic will have a visual inspection to see if other issues should be fixed before driving the car out of the shop.

·         Step 7; wheel alignment

The mechanic can recommend the appropriate re-alignment suitable for your car to prevent the tires from wearing out prematurely.

The Bottom Line

As an owner of a vehicle, you could be wondering how long it takes to get two new tires put on a car. It might take about 20 to 45 minutes to have the new tires mounted, but this might vary from one shop to another.

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