A Body-shop owner drives around in a minivan covered in Hotwheels

Car guys have cars that are called Daily Drivers. Mechanics and other trade professionals have shop trucks. No matter the name they are vehicles that we really don’t care too much about. As long as they get us from point A to point B we’re happy.

Most don’t care about thier “beater” rides. With that being said the exterior or those vehicles aren’t always the best. One body-shop owner decided to customize his work minivan and make it unique.

The photo was posted by u/ibleedtequila86 on Reddit. In the photo, it looks like the van has a wicked paint job. Although if you look closer you can see that thousands of Hotwheel are attached to the van.

From the roof to the hood the car is completely covered. He even has some cars in the grill. Not too sure if this is good for the cooling system but it’s definitely a different take on a beater-van. Depending on when he bought all of the Hotwheels he could be looking at $1 each. That’s a pretty decent expense to soup up the exterior of your vehicle. That’s even close to what it would cost to plasti-dip your car.

Obviously, he doesn’t care about his work van which is why he glued all of the cars to the paint. We are curious though. How will this affect the aerodynamics of the car? What if all of the Hotewheel spoilers create a significant amount of downforce?

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