Guy beats his Tesla Model 3’s infotainment with a hammer

You’ve probably seen plenty of videos of people throwing their game controllers at a TV. In most instances, it doesn’t turn out well and the TV is destroyed. You typically want to take care of the screen because they are typically fragile.

One man decided to buy a Tesla Model 3 and he wanted to test the durability of the infotainment screen. In addition, he also wanted to figure out if you could still operate and drive the car without the screen.

He grabs a sledgehammer out of his arsenal and starts hitting the screen as he and his buddy are driving. He starts tapping it lightly which causes the screen to flicker. With medium hits the screen cuts out for even longer. After he starts giving it a good amount of power the screen, like many other touch screen displays, gets destroyed.

While the screen is now a paperweight the car still runs and drives without an issue. That being said if your screen ever dies or malfunctions you should be able to still drive the Tesla. With the help of the Tesla app on his phone, he can see the speed at which he’s driving, he can adjust the climate controls, and more.

After the screen is destroyed he peels off the display and it seems like a pretty simple construction with one wire attached to the back. To further add to his experiment he goes to Tesla to see how much they’d charged to replace the screen.

After paying $1,477.20 he gets the screen replaced and the car is good as new. While the experiment was a little unconventional it provides us with useful results.


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