Guy hasn’t renewed his car’s registration since 1997. He somehow managed to not get pulled over for 23 years

In most states, you have to renew your car’s registration every few years. Unless you purchase permanent registration. You have to mail in info and payment or drive yourself down to your local DMV. If you want to have a good day it’s better to avoid that place. Well, some guy says he forgot to renew his plates.

Since 1997 a Louisiana driver has been driving on the same registration stickers. Expired September of 1997 you know it has to be a miracle that he hasn’t been pulled over since then. Although he recently got pulled over by a Slidell police officer. When asked the man stated that he had been busy and “just forgot about it…”

The man apologized to the officer and said that he would go get them renewed. It’s not yet known if the man received a ticket plus back pay for all of the years. How long have you driven on expired tags? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: WKRN

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