A man sells his rare 1998 Acura Integra Type R for $51,000 then he wrecks it on “One last drive”

The car which was listed on BringATrailer is one of the more rare cars of the 90’s. There are not many Acura Integra Type Rs left on the road. These cars fetch a nice price when they are in good condition.

One bidder, who goes by the username swind74, made the winning bid for $51,000. He was excited to own the car that he loved growing up. Unfortunately, the sale wasn’t meant to be.

Reportedly, the current owner of the car was having one last drive in the car. Maybe he was remembering all the good times he had driving the rev-happy 195hp car. Although it all ended in tragedy when the car had a “side swiped collision”.

Looking at the photos the front of the car is destroyed. The hood is smashed, the airbags were deployed. There was damage to the rear of the vehicle as well.

While the car probably won’t fetch that high of a price again it looks like it may be repairable. No one was injured in the crash.

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