Ever see a Pontoon boat hit 114mph?

Whether it’s automobile or boat racing there is a need for speed. In most cases you would rather race in a Corvette than a Prius. Why? Because one is built for speed and the other is built for trees.

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When it comes to boating there is no exception. Some different types of boats are made for different reason. Rum-runners, otherwise known as Cigarette boats, are meant to go fast. Being long and narrow with a planing hull gives these boats an advantage at higher speeds.

Other boats are made for leisure. For instance the Pontoon boat. This boat isn’t normally made for higher speeds. Floats, sometimes called tubes, help provide buoyancy for the watercraft. In most cases when someone says Pontoon they might be planning on having a quiet and relaxed day at the lake.

Well one owner of a Pontoon decided to add some power to his vessel. Fitted with three Mercury Promax 300X outboard engines this super Pontoon became the fastest Pontoon in the world. Brad Rowland’s South Bay 925CR, which would originally be considered a party boat, broke the world speed record at a whopping 114mph.

From the video you can see as the boat races across the water. Have to give this man the credit. Not a lot of people would have the balls to reach that speed.

Brad told a local newspaper,

I see 120 mph not out of my reach.

Would you go that fast in a Pontoon boat?

Source: Speed Society | Motorboat | Brad Rowland

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