It’s called the Cyber Truck – Tesla’s F150

Tesla is by far the leader in new automotive technologies. In addition to the Space X program they are testing the limits of what we as a society can create when we put our minds to the task. The Cyber Truck is the new vehicle from Tesla. The reveal begins with Founder and CEO Elon Musk stating,

It doesn’t look like anything else. Revolutionizing Tire Buying

The truck looks like something that would come out of a Terminator movie. It has a chiseled design and sharp edges. The body is composed of stainless steel and can withstand a blow from a sledgehammer. Planning on driving to a rough area? No need to worry about getting shot with 9mm rounds. The exoskeleton of this truck will stop the bullet in its tracks.

Tesla is planning on challenging the most popular pickup in the market. The Ford F-150 is the most popular truck in the states and Elon wants to be its main competitor. The truck looks bulkier than the F150 but Musk states they share the same dimensions and weight. Not only is the body stainless steel but the glass is specially made to withstand certain impacts. Unfortunately during the premiere they ended up breaking this “Unbreakable Glass.”

The truck is also fitted with air suspension which can help when you need more clearance. In addition air suspension system is tapped so if you need compressed air on-the-go it is freely available.

The performance model has a 0-60mph time of <2.9 seconds. That's fast! Musk states that the truck can keep up the a Porsche 911. Also it will run 10s in the quarter mile and is said to corner like it's on rails. Revolutionizing Tire Buying

With the performance model you get a battery range of 500+ miles, Tri motor AWD, a towing capacity of 14,000lbs, autopilot and much more! The starting price for the standard Cyber Truck is around $39,000. A very competitive price indeed!

Will you be planning on making a deposit on the new truck? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Tesla

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