Ebay Silverado or GMC Sierra 5.3 turbo kit review

If you are looking for more power out of your 99-06 Silverado or GMC Sierra you may want to consider investing in a 5.3 turbo kit. Adding a turbo kit to your truck could easily increase your horsepower to the 500s.

eBay turbo kits have gotten a bad wrap over the years. People believe that you can’t make reliable power on a budget. This isn’t the case. Many companies sell their turbos on eBay because it has a large customer base with interested buyers.

eBay turbo kits can meet or exceed the quality of those sold at the big auto parts stores. Where’s the best place to get a Sierra 5.3 turbo kit?

TWIN Turbo Kit 1000HP 99-06 Silverado Sierra NEW Turbocharger Vortec V8 LS BOOST

Adding twin turbos to your Sierra shouldn’t be a hassle. By using a bolt on turbo kit you don’t have to change any of the engine’s internals. In addition, it requires little to no drive train modification.

As the title says you can just bolt it up to the car. After you get a tune you can make around 500hp on 8lbs of boost. That is a huge power boost for under $3000. This kit comes with everything you need to make your truck fast.


OEM quality cast exhaust manifolds and downpipes

Included is OEM quality cast exhaust manifolds and downpipes. With the OEM styling, you can bolt this kit to the preexisting mounting locations. There is no need to cut or modify the truck. Everything is proportioned to slide in like a glove.

Mandrel bent TIG welded aluminum intake piping

The Mandrel bent TIG-welded piping has excellent quality. Never worry that the welds will fail or that there are any manufacturer defects. Tons of time has gone into making sure that this kit holds up. All of the piping is welded and bent to the perfect shape to work with your 99-06 Silverado or Sierra.

Hybrid T3/T4 turbochargers

Hybrid T3/T4 turbos are typically an OEM turbo that has been upgraded to produce more airflow and power compared to stock. They have the strength of OEM equipment but provide you with more reliable power.

Bar and plate front mount intercooler with brackets

One of the most difficult parts about installing a turbo kit is mounting the intercooler. Between the radiator, front bumper, and bumper support there is limited spacing. This twin-turbo kit takes that into consideration.

In addition, this kit provides a bar and plate front mount intercooler with brackets. Easily attach the brackets and you are able to mount your intercooler. This intercooler has been designed to provide optimal airflow. With the cooler air you are making more power.

Complete braided SS -AN oil lines w/feed adapter

Feeding oil to the turbo can be tedious. You usually have to drill a hole in your oil pan. Also, oil has to be sent to the turbo to keep it lubricated. This kit comes with a complete braided SS -AN oil lines w/feed adapter. Therefore you don’t need to drill anything. Just attach the adapter and connect it to the turbos.

All vacuum lines, pcv system, check valves, clamps, etc etc etc included

All of the vacuum lines, clamps, check valves, and PCV system comes standard. If you are making a turbo kit yourself it becomes a nickel and dime scenario. You usually have to make multiple trips to the auto parts store to get clamps and other accessories you may need.

With this kit, you have everything you need to get your truck up and running. Having all of the equipment on hand will make for a quick and easy install.

Sierra 5.3 turbo kit Pros

Keep your air conditioning

With some turbo kits you have to remove things like your air conditioning. This is fine when it’s cool outside. Although when it gets in the 80s and 90s you’re going to wish that you had A/C. This kit allows you to retain your current A/C system

Keep you power steering

Back in the day they didn’t have power steering. You would have to turn the wheel with your pure strength. Now in modern times, we have things like power steering that puts most of the work on the power steering pump.

Kits sometimes require that you lose to power steering to fit components in. This kit lets you keep your power steering and still make good power.

Keep all your stock sensors

No need for any sensor removal. The twin-turbo 5.3 turbo kit lets you keep all of your stock sensors. It is a hassle to cut and rewire things. With this kit you can keep things the way they are.

Retain stock fan and shroud

There is no need to change your fan or shroud. Every component of this kit is made to fit the existing setup of the truck. Just bolt it up with little to no modification.

No cutting or hacking anywhere or relocation of parts.

This 5.3 turbo kit couldn’t be easier. Nothing has to be cut. Hacking away at metal can be a pain. It takes forever and usually leaves a mess. There is no metalworking required.

In addition, you can keep part where they are. That means no relocation of the battery or other parts. Everything is good where it is.

Sierra 5.3 turbo kit Cons

You have to delete a few components. Things like the stock tow hooks, intake pipe system (if aftermarket, sell it), manifolds/headers (if aftermarket, sell them)
and block off the EGR if you have one.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a good Silverado or GMC Sierra 5.3 turbo kit you can’t go wrong with this one. It gives you everything you need to get your car running. It requires little to no modification. In addition everything mounts up to stock locations and provides optimal clearance.

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