Why was the NASCAR cafe Myrtle Beach and others abandoned? Take a trip inside one!

Not all businesses can make it. Although you would think that something related to NASCAR would last forever. Why was the NASCAR cafe myrtle beach and others abandoned? NASCAR is still one of the most popular racing shows since it began back in the 1948.

Unfortunately for them, their cafe wasn’t as popular. The Nascar Cafe Myrtle beach and many others were opened in the early 2000s. It was a racing-themed restaurant with cool memorabilia and excitement around every turn. From the full-scale cars to what was then a futuristic VR machine this restaurant was perfect for any NASCAR fan.

Although it is said that the restaurant became quite stagnant. The menu didn’t change to much and people just got bored with it. The buildings were closed and abandoned. All of the memorabilia on the inside was just left.

Even with the buildings sitting over a decade the ones who haven’t been demolished are in decent shape. It’s unlikely that they will be reopened. With that being said they have auctioned off most of the items inside.

Check out the video below and take a walk through the restaurant. If you’ve been there before you might get nostalgic. Did you ever visit the Nascar cafe myrtle beach or any others? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Loved that place in myrtle Beach SC. Wish they were still open but times change it sucks because it rally was an awsome place to go if you were a true Nascar fan especially as a kid . The big circle where you walked up used to host the winners car of the Daytona 500 of that year.


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