Driver hits an embankment and travels 139ft clearing 12 cars.

Usually if you want to see some stunts done in a car you go to an event. Sometimes stunt drivers jump cars off ramps while others crush vehicles with monster trucks. One driver however is neither a stunt or monster truck driver but he managed to catch some air.

The driver of a Toyota Camry told officers that he was driving and suddenly felt dizzy. He ended up driving off of the roadway and towards a dealership. The car then hit an embankment fast and went soaring.

The car flew through the air clearing 12 vehicles before crashing into a parked Lincoln Navigator and Ford Flex. The cars he jumped were covered in mud and dirt. You usually hear about crazy stuff happening in Florida but nothing likes this. Luckily enough no one sustained any major injuries.

The dealership sales manager Bruce Azevedo told reporters,

It was a Christmas miracle, you know, for it to happen with that amount of people and nobody to get hurt seriously, …. We had customers that were over here to the right, some customers that were behind me, and some customers also over here to the left. We had 15 to 20 people on the lot at the time.

You check out and review the footage below.

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Source: WOTC

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