Someone was auctioning off a 850hp UPS truck

Source: Iron Horse Auction

Talk about fast deliveries. You see them on the road all the time. We’re talking about the brown UPS trucks that usually bring the joy of new car parts. Revolutionizing Tire Buying

It’s not too often that you see them being sold and you definitely don’t find them modified. A marketing campaign was being done between UPS, Dale Jarret and Mike Flynn. Jarret is a Nascar driver and Mike Flynn specializes in building stunt vehicles.

The listing was published a few days ago but it appears that the auctioning may be starting in a couple days. That being said this UPS truck was totally modified to make 850hp. It’s fitted with a TRD (Toyota Racing Division) V8. It has a full roll cage to protect you when you’re sending opponents to gapplebees.

It also has a full set of wheels, a custom paint job, custom gauges and a glass cover where you can see the engine as you’re driving. There are a lot more features that come with the vehicle that we can’t list but everything can be found through videos of the truck and information on Iron Horse Auction’s website.

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Talk about fast delivery! Will you be picking up the fast UPS truck? You could probably beat UPS’ delivery times by bus lengths!

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