Dodge Challenger Hellcat crashes into a pickup leaving a cars and coffee

Cars and Coffee events are fun to attend. You can see tons of cool cars. From exotics to race cars people meet up during the weekend to drink coffee and talk about cars. Although just like with any car even you’re going to have those people who want to show off.

It’s all ok until someone looses control and crashes. While you typically see Mustangs crashing, which is why they’re called crowd-killers, plenty of other cars crash while showing off. A Dodge Challenger Hellcat with only 3,000 on the clock managed to get into a wrekc while leaving the Cars and Coffee in Loveland, Colorado.

The driver, who is probably inexperienced, gave the car a little too much power and ended up swerving into a Chevy pickup. Enough force was crated that it flipped the truck on it’s top. The Hellcat which has 707hp has more power than most are use to.

Lucky no one was injured. Although the owner of the truck was probably a little furious. It’s fine to show off a little. On the other hand if you don’t know your car you probably should leave the peel-outs to the professionals.

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