Guy drives his wrecked Subaru Outback while wearing safety glasses

Cracked windshields are a fact of life, but most people get them fixed and continue on their way.

That’s certainly not the case with this Subaru Outback driver, who thought it would be perfectly acceptable driving with a windshield that had been smashed to pieces.

In a post, noticed by The Drive, the Montana Highway Patrol revealed Trooper James Beck recently came across the Outback which appears to have been involved in a prior accident. While there’s no word on what caused the damage, we can see the incident destroyed the driver’s side headlight, front fender, door and windshield.

Despite the extensive damage, the owner continued driving. We’re not just talking about short distances either as the driver allegedly “admitted to traveling across several states in this condition, using safety glasses to keep the shards of glass out of his eyes as he looked through the peephole.”

Needless to say, that’s a horrible idea as the peephole is tiny and undoubtedly restricted their field of view. There’s also the chance that large shards of glass or the whole windshield could break free and come flying into the cabin, especially when being driven at high speeds such as those present on I-90 where the driver was pulled over.

Following the encounter with police, the Outback was hauled to its final destination on a trailer. There’s no word on whether or not the driver was ticketed, but the Montana Highway Patrol noted “At the risk of sounding too obvious – don’t be this guy.”

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