Streetspeed717 jumps his Lamborghini Urus over his Aventador

Mike from the youtube channel Streetspeed717 is known for doing some crazy stunts. Years back it was just street racing with his built Corvette. More recently he jumped his Ram 1500 TRX over a creek which went viral.

Mike actually got multiple charges by the Pennsylvania wildlife commission because of the stunt. Weeks past Streetspeed717 is back at it again with some entertaining content. In the video, he says “Have I lost my mind? Why yes I have”

Hdecides to jump his Fiance’s Lamborghini Urus over his Lamborghini Aventador. Instead of using a natural ramp like he did when he jumped the creek, he had a ramp built out of dirt. After some testing of what speed is the best he successfully jumps the $400,000 Aventador and manages to clear it.

While some rocks and dirt landed on the supercar there was no significant damage done. But instead of just taking the W for his successful stunt he decides to make the jump a few more times. It definitely makes good content.

Street Speed 717

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