Cops disguised as Santa and an Elf thwarts would-be car thieves

It seems like Santa is out early doing some good deeds for Christmas. While he is not delivereing presents to boys and girls yet he is delivering some thieves to the local jail. With the help from one of his elves they managed to save some vehicle owners from a having a blue Chistmas.

Two officers in Riverside, California were conducting their Santa’s Intervention operation. It is a means to cut down on theft at a target in Canyon Springs. The two had received a report of a few individuals casing vehicles around the area.

After some surveillance, the detective team was able to find the suspicious trio trying to steal a Honda CR-V. Two of the suspects noticed the police and fled. They were later apprehended. Another suspect was resisting arrest when Santa stepped in. Santa used his jolly strength to throw the guy to the ground. You can hear as the camera guy yells, “Get him Santa!”

It seems like we should be giving Santa a gift this year for going above and beyond to fight crime. While he might not be the Santa we want he is the Santa we deserve.

Riverside Police Department

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