Guy fixes his wrecked Corvette C8 with some Ramen

There is not much worse than wrecking your car. For car enthusiast our cars are an extension of ourselves. When we get a dent or a scratch on our cars it can ruin our day. If you know how to do bodywork you might be able to hide the damage.

One Youtuber decided to fix his damaged Corvette C8 with some pasta. You’ve probably seen videos online of people repairing stuff with ramen. Some have repaired toilets and other home furnishings. It is actually pretty cool so see what you can do with a bag of ramen and some hot glue.

This idea is what led Judahs Garage to the idea of fixing his Corvette. The car was totaled when he picked it up. After spending some time at his local Chevy dealership he ordered parts to repair the car. Or so he thought.

Weeks past he never received his parts. He contacted the dealership and they stated they he should’ve received them. It turns out that some of the parts were never ordered. After dishing out more than $2,000 he finally got the parts ordered.

Knowing how long it’s taking Chevy to ship out the Corvettes Judah will be waiting quite a bit longer for his parts. In the meantime he decided to fill his wrecked door with some ramen. While it isn’t the most standard practice the bodywork didn’t turn out too terrible. Check out the video below to see the whole story.

Judahs Garage

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