Check out this twin engine VW Golf MK3 capable of making 2000hp

The VR6 engine is one of the more popular engines. Back in the day it made close to 200hp. With a car like the Golf MK3 only weighing 2200lb it made a fun car. As cars get newer the technology allows manufacturers to make more power than ever before.

How do you manage to keep up when the horsepower standard is always going up? One owner decided to put two VR6 engines in one Volkswagen Golf MK3. It’s called the VR12 which makes perfect sense.

Each of the engines are fully built with SP Stage 3 blocks, ported 12v heads, solid lifters, bigger valves, titanium retainers, TT 288 solid cams and Garret Gen2 GTX3584RS turbos.

The driver can switch between runnig one engine or both. Plus on this setup he can easily make 2000hp. The car runs low 9s. It’s definitely is a monster. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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