Biker almost has head on collision with bikes heading the opposite direction

Riding motorcycles can be a scary ordeal. Many drivers don’t pay attention to you. Plus people are lugging around 3000lb wrecking balls that could knock you and your 450lb bike off the road. One of the most important things you have to look out for are other drivers. Well one rider is lucky to be alive after having a near collision.

The driver of the motorcycle was riding along a country road in what is believed to be France. He’s cruising at a good 155 kph or 43 mph. This isn’t terribly fast but there is something coming in his direction traveling the same speed.

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Before you know it a car traveling the opposite direction is being overtaken by some other bikers. The bikers swerve into the original biker’s lane nearly missing him. It would definitely weigh heavy on anyone. This is why he had to pull off to the side of the road for a breather.

If the bikers had a head on collision it would have likely been the same as one bike hitting an obstacle at roughly 100mph. The Youtube channel called Piston posted the video. He states (translated with Google Translate),

I am very happy to be able to write to you and to be still alive at the moment after having avoided a few crazy bikers by a few centimeters!

What do you think ? How would you have reacted?

I specify that the biker on the ground is fine, he is doing with his broken arm – He got caught in the back of the black car that we can see just before. It is not the biker on my right on the ground but the biker we can see right after who is correctly in his lane.

Must say that my friend was right behind me at the time! We were very lucky! A frontal at this speed … Nobody lives …!

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