Is race car driving a sport?

race car driving

Is race car driving a sport? This is a very hot topic which is up for debate. Driving cars at such high speeds or around twisty turns takes a lot of toll on a person.

A sport is defined as,

an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

In addition we would like to explain how race car drivers are athletes. The answer to this will easily conclude whether race car driving is a sport.

An athlete is defined as,

a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina

A lot of definitions. Don’t worry that was the last one.

Race car drivers face a lot when they get behind the wheel. There is the amount of heat they have to endure during the race. Depending on the track or time of year they can be forced to endure 115 degree temperatures and up for hours. This extraneous heat can take a toll on most. Although with the training that they’ve had they are able to make it through the race.

A driver named Jamie McMurray compared the time he raced on the track and the time he had a 100 mile bike race. While he was racing in his car for 3 and a half hours he maintained a heart rate of 144 bpm. While during his 6 hour, 100 mile, bike race he maintained a heart rate of 146 bpm. This means that his heart was beating just as hard and just as fast in both scenarios.

During races drivers must endure G-forces. Drivers can encounter 2-3Gs or more for hours on end. Too much G-force can make someone pass out. In other words able to use their strength and stamina to withstand this force shows that race car drivers are athletes.

Is race car driving a sport? Drivers have to constantly test their mental ability during races. With split second decisions that can make or break a race they are constantly on guard. One wrong move and they could end up in a wall.

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Race car drivers have to use their strength, agility, stamina and mental ability to perform the best during their races. Because of this they fit the definition of an athlete. One who competes in their sport which is race car driving. In conclusion, with all of the things a driver has to overcome we believe race car driving is a sport.

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