Who sells automotive paint?

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If you’re looking to touch up your car or just hide a minor scratch you want to be sure you get the right paint. Depending on your application you might need a large container or a spray bottle. We are going to focus on minor paint repair applications. If you are looking to completely respray a car you are going to want to look for a specialized shop. Who sells automotive paint? We have listed quite a few.

Auto Part Stores

Most places in the United States have areas where autoparts stores like to congregate. If you are looking for a spray can or a scratch pen one of these could have what you need. Places like Autozone, O’reilly’s Auto Part, Advanced Autoparts, Napa, Pepboys and a few other large chain competitors usually carry automotive paint.

Sometimes the selections in these stores aren’t very broad. Although in a few cases you may be able to match up your paint exactly. If you can’t find the paint that matches the paint code you might have to settle for a color that is similar. There are a lot of universal colors available to help hide issues and most vehicles.

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Who sells automotive paint? Well if you can wait a while you can even order some paint through Amazon.com. Some of the cans are listed under prime so you should be able to get them rather quickly. They also have a rather large collection of different colors. You have a better chance of finding your exact color match online than in a store. Who sells automotive paint?

Specialty Shops

If you are still looking for another alternative to finding the paint you need you might want to try a Sherman Williams Automotive. They house paint people? Yup they have automotive specific stores that can match your car’s color to the T. Although it was recently rumored that Sherman Williams may not put the paint in a spray can anymore (can neither confirm or deny).

Have a better place to get paint? Let us know where you get automotive paint in the comments below!

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