A pipe burst over Ford Focus in a Texas parking garage

Texas seems to be going through the wringer. While Texans are having a heck of a time with the cold weather, power outages, and rolling blackouts it’s safe to assume that they will come back stronger. One driver was very optimistic after she found her car slightly different than how she left it.

The TikTok user who goes by KianaRosek had parked her car in a Texas parking garage. With some areas not used to below freezing temperatures, the infrastructure doesn’t seem like it was well prepared. Kiana parked her vehicle not knowing what was about to occur.


Well it just so happened that the pipe right above her parked car burst due to the cold. The water completely covered the car which create a nice barrier of ice around the car. While she won’t know the extent of the damage until the car thaws we hope that it’s drivable.


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