Introducing the Dodge Charger Ute

Have you ever wanted a v8 Dodge charger but like being able to haul junk in the bed of your truck? Now you can with this real Dodge Charger Ute kit. The kit which is made by converts your 05-10 Dodge Charger into a pickup.

No longer do you have to struggle on whether a truck or a charger is best for you. Now you can have both! The first step is to find a Dodge Charger. You can normally pick these up on a Government auction site for the low. Some even come with crash bars and police decals.

Next, you can order the kit from and start chopping up your Charger. The kit goes for around $2900 which isn’t terrible. You start cutting at the b pillar to make way for the F-150 bed. The kit has taillights from a Dodge Caravan and a rear window from a Chevy Colorado.

The company which provides the kit originally started selling a conversion kit for a Volkswagen Jetta. They decide to try their hand at making a kit for the Charger. The front of the charger looks similar to a Ram 1500 which inspired the idea for the conversion kit. The Volkswagen Jetta was only a 4 banger. While this was a cool conversion it lacked the power.

Getting a Charger with a Hemi will make this Dodge Charger Ute the closest thing to a Holden Ute the states will ever see. To be honest it doesn’t look half bad. If we had a spare Dodge Charger lying around we would be up to convert the car. What do you think about the Dodge Charger Ute? Let us know in the comments!


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