A man sues a police department for crushing his car

If you’re caught doing something illegal in your car there is a good chance that your vehicle will get impounded. Some cars which are confiscated sometimes end up getting crushed in a scrapyard. Usually, this is extreme and only happens when the car isn’t legal to be on the road in the country where it was driven.

One man illegally parked his car at the Birmingham Crown Court in the UK. British police were contacted and made their way to the scene. upon arrival they found that the car didn’t have valid insurance or registration. In addition the car had been in a wreck and wasn’t legally road-worthy.

The car which was a Ferarri 458 worth $200,000 was taken to a scrap yard where it was crushed. The man who drove the car fled the country and made his way to Dubai. He is facing multiple charges in the UK which could mean 10 years in prison.

After the driver discovered that his car had been crushed he sued the police department. It’s not clear whether he will get any retribution for his car being crushed. In the meantime, British police may be working on getting him extradited from Dubai so he can have his time in court.

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