A mustang driver destroyed his car and a Tesla charger

There has been a lot of hostility over Teslas and gas powered cars. People go out of their way to destroy Teslas for no apparent reason. On the other hand EV (Electric Vehicle) drivers block diesel and gas pumps in a type of protest. No matter which side you support I think we can all laugh after seeing that this mustang driver destroyed his car after doing donuts.

The driver Ricky Criss decided to do some donuts in the parking lot of a store. After messing around for a while his 99-04 Ford Mustang caught fire. Unfortunately a Tesla Supercharger was close enough that it too caught fire. Police arrived on scene and discovered that he had been,

burning cookies

They tried to get the suspect away from the vehicle but he resisted. Criss had some personal belongings in the car that he wanted. The police were eventually able to get him to safety. He was then arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence of intoxicants. His blood alcohol content was .18 percent.

Source: KATU

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